Prospective Members


Team 6366 is always excited to have new members regardless of experience level. The only requirements are that you are in high school and are excited about the mission of FIRST. We invite anyone to join whether they are interested in mechanics, electronics, design, programming, business, media, or marketing. To join, simply send an email to or drop by Mrs. Girault's room at Hillcrest High.

Current Members


Students on Team 6366 have the opportunity to gain real world experience in industry that allows for the development of both technical and soft skills. Students typically work with sub teams that allow them to work in their area of interest, but also form a cohesive community that takes pride in learning new skills and sharing knowledge.



  • Billy K.
  • Abigail J.
  • Arthur and Aaron B.
  • Stephanie C.
  • Devin C.
  • Shayla R.
  • Giselle R.G.
  • Kenneth G.
  • Sabrina M.
  • Zhihong L.
  • Aaron N.

Current Members


  • Cassie Z.
  • Brandon


  • Holly M.
  • Meghan H.
  • Yedith B.H.
  • Shane G.
  • DeAndris J.
  • Colby R.
  • Jake S.


  • Hayden M.
  • Gavin B.
  • Jack F.
  • Devin N.
  • Alexander M.


  • Josh M.
  • Jarius M.
  • Malachi F.
  • Ethan F.


Become a Mentor



We’re always looking for people who want to help mentor our team. We invite anyone, whether their skills lie in programming and engineering or grant-writing and fundraising. If you have any  questions or are interested  in mentoring our team, email us at

Meet the mentors


Dearil McHenry - Lead Mentor / CAM and Assembly

Morgana Cooper - CAD lead and Design

Kenny Wheeler - Design lead and Strategy

Marie Girault - School Liaison

Harris Womble - Machining and Scouting lead 

Steffan Whitt - Programming lead and Machining aid

Tom Mogle - Machining and Assembly aid